Checkoin Whitepaper

This draft document details how Checkoin will operate, be minted, and be distributed. This is released as a cryptocurrency whitepaper draft and open to public comment on our Discord.

Checkoin Cryptocurrency Whitepaper

Public Draft
Last Updated 4/7/2022 - Ron McDaniel, - Follow @outstandaedu for updates.

Avoid Scams! Checkoin is only available on Solana and is not currently available to buy or trade by the public.


Checkoin is a Token on Solana and is administered by Outstanda, an education company. The Solana technology is the most scalable, has low fees, and is an eco-friendly technology. All of these are requirements for Checkoin success. We reserve the right to modify any terms or technologies in the future to improve community performance and to mitigate any unforeseen consequences of distributing a Cryptocurrency globally based on educational outcomes.

1.0   Checkoin Summary

1.1   Checkoin Overview

Checkoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be created each time a verified person completes a learning lesson and/or course in the Outstanda system. It is proof of work and built on a hybrid system that allows for audits before minting, and pre-burning (purchase and destroy) before minting.

This assures continuous creation of Checkoin, which will be more evenly distributed than any currency in history. To limit deflation, each time the currency is traded pre-blockchain, a % is paid to network owners, local governments to fund education, and burned to reduce supply. This fee will be a fixed percentage, which will make it less impactful for small transactions.

Minors, who will be a majority of learners, are also only able to withdraw 50% of their earnings until they reach key ages. This feature reduces the risk of abuse and allows minors to have savings that they can draw on as they reach adult age.

Globally, Checkoin treats every person equally. This means that someone in a developed country will find Checkoin to be a nice bonus and incentive, but people living in less developed areas, or people who are homeless, can make a significant amount of money by focusing on education.

1.2   Coin Generation

Checkoins are generated when a verified person completes a lesson, where they become eligible for 1 Checkoin per hour of lesson. If the lesson is part of an overall course, and the course is complete, a multiplier is applied. This multiplier depends on the level of the course. Beginner learners do not have multipliers, and the highest level of learning (Ph.D.) is a 7x multiplier. Later in this document, the levels are detailed.

In addition to the student creating income for themselves, the additional fractional coin is created for people involved in creating the course and delivering the course. This includes course designers, presenters, funders, teachers, and schools.

While Checkoin is always pre-generated in the hybrid system, only verified students can access the coin, and only verified completion of courses results in the multiplier being applied.

1.3   Blockchain / Hybrid Network

Decentralization is the main reason for the popularity of Cryptocurrency. However, because of the decentralized nature, there is some lack of control and features which make the currency a very blunt instrument.

Checkoin is a hybrid. It is created through verification in a central system. It is distributed globally and evenly, based on a verified and open process. Once the coin is transferred to the blockchain, it is decentralized like any other Cryptocurrency.

The fee that is collected for each transaction in a pre-blockchain transaction is distributed to Outstanda and a portion is collected and distributed to governments who have approved projects to improve the climate and/or education, and a portion is burned to continually control growth and supply.

The hybrid model also allows for pre-burn of coins. This is when Checkoin is purchased and destroyed before it is minted into the blockchain. This can be done by Companies, Governments, Schools, Non-profits, etc. to encourage certain education focuses and by groups of people. An example would be a company paying 1.5x the market value to pre-burn specific technology courses completed in a specific time, by employees in their company. A city can also pre-burn higher-level education to attract and retain more educated talent. A non-profit could pre-burn courses that are completed in an underdeveloped region to improve the local economy. There are many different applications.

1.4   Earning Checkoin

Checkoin is created when a verified person (student) completes a lesson or a course. Lessons receive 1 Checkoin per lesson hour (a combination of lecture, individual work, and project work.) Additionally, there is a multiplier that generates more Checkoin for the lessons, if they are part of an approved course and an approved instructor verifies mastery in the course. Multipliers begin around the 3rd grade / 7-year-old level and the multiplier increases based on the complexity and level of the content, culminating with a 7x multiplier for courses that are part of a Ph.D. program.

Checkoin Income Sample

Because of the limits on earning (time limitations of learning and caps on monthly completion), the coin will be earned and distributed very evenly around the world. It is a bottom-up distribution of a new currency, which is the opposite of most currencies.

Burning reduces circulation, but no false scarcity limits are used to inflate value. Checkoin will grow in a steady economic model based on learning performance.

Additionally, when 1 Checkoin is earned by a learner, a percentage is also created and paid to people involved with the lesson that has been created. This includes presenters, writers, editors, Checkoin Token Certificate holders (Donors), teachers, schools, and translators. Additionally, a % is created for Outstanda to maintain and develop the systems, certifications, and operations of the organization.

Any pre-minted Checkoin will be reimbursed with future fees to be earned by Outstanda. No Checkoins can be created without a verified student completing learning mastery in a lesson or course.

1.5   Fees and Burns

The pre-minted Checkoin in the central, Outstanda system has no fees until used in the hybrid system. Transaction fees are only applied when they are used. Using them can include cashing out via a pre-mint burn, transferring to the blockchain (where they can be used or sold on the free market), or using them as currency within the Oustanda system.

These fees are charged in one lump sum and distributed by Outstanda, and are a flat 10% fee regardless of the size of the transaction. The fee is distributed per the below details. These percentages are subject to modification based on operations cost, with emphasis on burning the most coin possible to control inflation.

1.5.1   Transaction Fees

GAS paid to server owners for the transaction. 3% is charged, then evenly distributed to the network per transaction as an average fee for the week, minus a small processing fee.

1.5.2   Controlled Coin Burn

2% will be burned on each transaction. This amount helps control the growth of the coin.

1.5.3   Education and Environment Tax

5% will be collected and distributed to countries proportional to the country earning if they have approved programs to further education and battle climate change. This fee is contingent on countries meeting global standards of freedom, non-violence, human-rights support, and a concrete plan for improving the socio-economic and educational future of their population. The emphasis will be on getting better, not being perfect.

1.5.4   On Blockchain

Once transferred to the blockchain, fees will be as set by blockchain and are not accessible to Outstanda.

1.6   Minor (Juvenile) Considerations

1.6.1   Required Savings

In order to help families be successful, minors will be able to withdraw or spend up to 50% of what they create in a year. The other 50% is reserved in savings until they are 18 years of age. Students and families may also borrow up to half of the savings, which is paid back by locking future coins created, for minor hardship and emergencies. Borrow, in this case, is releasing saved Checkoins, which can be used in network or minted to blockchain. Then 100% of the new Checkoin earned by the student is locked as savings until the amount borrowed is replenished.

This is done to give young people savings they can access at 18 to help with college or adulthood. It also cuts down on the likelihood of a parent putting a child under undue stress to complete classes and support the family.

1.6.2   Exemptions for Gifted Students

Students who are identified as Gifted are approved to take courses that would normally be reserved for older students, and they will not be flagged as possible fraud for completing a higher number of courses than is within the normal range.

1.6.3   Exemptions for Financial Hardship

At any time, in extreme situations, Outstanda can transfer the current student balance to the student as 100% available. This is only done via an application and review process and is to address situations where the funds can help the health or safety of the student and their family.

1.6.4   Learning Disabilities

People with severe learning disabilities may receive an additional multiplier because they will proceed more slowly in learning. This is strictly for people with medically diagnosed learning disabilities and the multiplier will be in alignment with the type of disability. The disability multiplier does not apply to Masters and Ph.D. level education. This multiplier is strictly to help encourage people who may take significantly longer to complete the same content. Disabilities that do not impede the speed of learning do not receive this.

1.6.5   Pre-Burn Conversion

Minors can only convert the portion of the Checkoin that is available to the minor as part of any optional pre-burn offer. The portion of Checkoin reserved for them as a savings for when they are older must stay pre-minted Checkoin.

1.6.6   Parent / Guardian Access

Registered parents and guardians of minors may access their accounts to help them use Checkoin. They may not complete coursework for the student. Special parent access allows partial view of account.

1.6.7   Minor Death Procedure

In the event of the death of a minor, the parent or guardian is entitled to withdraw 100% of earned Checkoin after providing documentation and verification. There is a minimum 90 day waiting period. Parents or guardians who have a documented history of abuse or neglect are not eligible.

2.0   Course Level Multipliers

Grades and age are used as estimators for mapping appropriate content. Each independent education district is ultimately responsible for how Outstanda is used to meet local and national standards.

1 Hour represents one estimated hour as defined in the curriculum. A student who completes mastery more slowly or more quickly will receive Checkoin for the one hour, regardless of actual time it takes.

2.1   PreK to 2nd Grade | 10-19 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: NONE | Earns 1 Checkoin per Hour of Lesson Mastery
Age Restriction: 2 Years Old Minimum, 9 Years Old Maximum (Earning - anyone can take courses)

Maximum age for earning is to prevent older kids from completing easier courses in an attempt to make Checkoin rapidly.

2.2   3rd to 5th Grade | 20-29 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 1.5x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 4 Years Old Minimum, 14 Years Old Maximum (Earning - anyone can take courses)

Maximum age for earning is to prevent older kids from completing easier courses in an attempt to make Checkoin rapidly.

2.3   6th to 7th Grade | 30-39 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 2x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 6 Years Old Minimum.
Students identified as Gifted may have restrictions lifted.

2.4   8th to 9th Grade | 40-49 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 2.5x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 6 Years Old Minimum.
Students identified as Gifted may have restrictions lifted.

2.5   10th to 12th Grade | 50-59 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 3x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 7 Years Old Minimum.
Students identified as Gifted may have restrictions lifted.

2.6   1 to 2 Year Academia | 60-69 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 4x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 8 Years Old Minimum.
Students identified as Gifted may have restrictions lifted.

2.7   3 to 4 Year Academia | 70-79 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 5x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 9 Years Old Minimum.
Students identified as Gifted may have restrictions lifted.

2.8   Masters | 80-89 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 6x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 10 Years Old Minimum.
Students identified as Gifted may have restrictions lifted.

2.9   Ph.D. | 90-99 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: 7x for Verified Course Mastery.
Age Restriction: 11 Years Old Minimum.
Students identified as Gifted may have restrictions lifted.

2.10   Life Enhancement | X1 - X9 Course Numbering

MULTIPLIER: None | Earns 1 Checkoin per Hour of Lesson Mastery.
Restrictions based on individual lessons or courses.

3.0   Course Restrictions

3.1   Minimum Age Rating Restriction

Minimum age rating is to reduce the risk of a child being pushed too hard or too early into learning. Younger children should spend more time playing and in small group learning. Outstanda simply helps augment that and provides topic guidance.

3.2   Maximum Age Rating Restriction

Anyone can take any course that is not restricted. However, getting credit and earning Checkoin depends on verification of identity and age. A learner cannot generate Checkoin for learning materials that are clearly below what would be expected at their age.

3.3   Country Restriction

Outstanda encourages open learning in all countries. However, in rare cases, a course can be restricted at the request of a national government and approval from Outstanda. To discourage censorship, a fee of $1,000,000 US per course per year is charged. The course will not show up for verified students with address registered in the country. Outstanda is not responsible if residents use fake identities or masking to access courses.

Alternatively, a country may ask for restrictions without paying the fee, but residents will not earn Checkoin multipliers.

3.4   Prerequisite Restriction

Courses may have prerequisites to earn Checkoin and credit for the course. In some cases, such as medical training, prerequisites must be met before accessing more advanced materials. This is a safety precaution to reduce the risk of someone not having the comprehensive appropriate training.

3.5   Frequency Restriction

Learners may refresh and repeat a lesson or course at any time. However, to earn additional Checkoin, the frequency limit must be exceeded. For example, a course about addition might never allow repeat for earning. Instead, students build on the course with new courses. However, a Yoga course may allow repeating it monthly, to encourage improvement of the physical skill as well as encourage good health. Likewise, a course on respecting others in the workplace could be set to allow a repeat annually, to refresh top-of-mind behavior. Most courses not in the "Life Enhancement" level will only be eligible for earning once.

4.0   Checkoin Earning Details

Lessons are based on estimated hours. A typical lesson would be based on a 30 minute to 90-minute range and in most cases includes lecture, practice tests, group work, assessment, and required assignments. An emphasis is put on keeping lectures shorter and to the point, and allowing students to do more investigation, exploration, and group work. A 1-hour lesson products 1 Checkoin. The hour is estimated on the combination of activities and videos required to learn and demonstrate mastery of the topic.

The multiplier is paid for each hour completed in a course after the course assessment and course assignments are completed in full and verified.

Some courses may include optional honors materials. These extra lessons earn additional Checkoin. The multiplier only applies to the honors lessons if the student passes the honors assessment after the standard assessment at the end of the course.

Each time Checkoin is created by a learner, additional Checkoin are created for accounts involved in the learning. This includes people who developed the course, teachers, schools, course Checkoin Token Certificate holders (course funders), and Outstanda. The percentage is NOT taken from the learner. It is created as a percentage of what the learner earned.

Checkoin Income Distribution

People involved in the development of the course (Not teachers or schools) may request payment in Fiat or Checkoin, negotiated in advance of work, or a combination in 25% increments. If someone does not take all or partial payment in the Checkoin, their portion of the Checkoin is burned (destroyed) and listed as created and burned. An example would be three people writing the curriculum. Each is entitled to ⅓ the Checkoin allotted to the writers. One takes full payment in fiat, one does half, and one takes full Checkoin payment on future earnings. The fiat writer will see the burned Checkoin in their account, but will never be able to use them. The half choice will show half available Checkoin and half-burned. Etc.

4.1   Students Earning Checkoin

4.1.1   Lesson

One Checkoin per one estimated lesson hour completed. Only verified accounts may earn Checkoin.

4.1.2   Course

Total course lesson hours earned multiplied by the multiplier for the course level when the full course is completed and verified by a certified instructor.

4.1.3   Honors Lessons

Honors lessons earn Checkoin by estimated hour the same as a normal lesson. Multiplier for honors requires passing honors assessment after mastery assessment at the end of the course.

4.1.4   Life Enhancement

No multipliers applied for Life Enhancement. This category is used for non-traditional courses. It could be workplace lessons, fitness, nutrition, health, parenting, hobbies, etc.

4.1.5   Non-Verified Students

Students who are not verified cannot earn Checkoin. Non-verified accounts will not have access to assessments, group collaboration, or other tools. They may not upload assignments. For this reason, it is merely an educational audit and does not count as completing a lesson.

4.2   Lesson Creators Earning | 15% Generated Per 1 Checkoin Earned

The creator group receives 15% in created Checkoin. It is divided by a weighted share among people who did the following jobs. People who got advance payment for their work wave the rights to receive Checkoin unless an explicit contract states otherwise.

4.2.1   Course Runners

The project manager of each course development project.

4.2.2   Directors

The person overseeing filming and media development.

4.2.3   Writers

Writers of scripts, references, worksheets, activities, and assessments.

4.2.4   Researchers

Fact-checkers and researchers to assure accuracy.

4.3   Lesson Producers | 12% Generated Per 1 Checkoin Earned

The producer group receives 12% in created Checkoin. It is divided by a weighted share among people who did the following jobs. People who got advance payment for their work wave the rights to receive Checkoin unless an explicit contract states otherwise.

4.3.1   Camera / Film Crew

Crew for filming the lessons.

4.3.2   Lighting

Lighting professionals.

4.3.3   Sound

Sound professionals.

4.3.4   Editor

Editors who assemble final lessons.

4.3.5   Art / Animation

Supporting art and animation services.

4.3.6   Assessment Production

Markup and testing of assessments.

4.3.7   Makeup & Wardrobe

Support for how actors look on camera.

4.4   Lesson Presenters | 10% Generated Per 1 Checkoin Earned

The presenter group receives 10% in created Checkoin. It is divided by a weighted share among people who did the following jobs. People who got advance payment for their work wave the rights to receive Checkoin unless an explicit contract states otherwise.

4.4.1   Primary Presenter - Actor / Teacher / Lecturer

Primary presenters for lesson.

4.4.2   Supporting Role

Support actors, possibly doing demonstrations while the primary presenter presents.

4.4.3  Interviewee

An expert who is interviewed as part of a lesson.

4.4.4   Voiceover Actor

Voiceover work when visual is not an actor.

4.5   Lesson Resource Providers | 8% Generated Per 1 Checkoin Earned

The resource group receives a maximum of 8% in created Checkoin. It is divided by a weighted share among people who provided resources. People who got advance payment for their resources wave the rights to receive Checkoin unless an explicit contract states otherwise.

4.5.1   Location Provider

Provides a specific location to develop content. Could be a classroom, lab, medical room, etc.

4.5.2   Equipment Provider

Someone provides resources of value, such as camera equipment, labor, lighting, etc.

4.5.3   Props / Costumes

Someone providing special props, costumes, makeup, and other assets that improve the quality of production.

4.5.4   Support Material Provider (Authors, Copyright Owners)

Any owned asset offered as a resource in a course, which must be free to students.

4.5.5   Exclusions

Does not apply to public resources unless agreed to in advance, such as a public university. Does not include background resources that are not an intrinsic part of the course.

4.6   Lesson Translators | 5% Maximum Generated Per 1 Checkoin Earned

The translation group receives a maximum of 5% in created Checkoin. It is divided by a weighted share among people who did the translation. People who got advance payment for their work wave the rights to receive Checkoin unless an explicit contract states otherwise. Lessons that are in the original language do not generate translation fees.

4.6.1   Script Translation

Translating scripts so they may be produced in different languages accurately.

4.6.2   Audio Dubbing

Dubbing audio voice work in a new language.

4.6.3   Subtitles

Producing and checking subtitles in coursework.

4.6.4   Print / Digital Translation

Producing translations of print and digital resources.

4.7   School and Instructor Economics

This subsection describes how teachers, schools, venues, and support staff create Checkoin for themselves when they help verified students be successful and finish courses. The goal is not to fully fund schools and teachers, but to reward teachers and schools for getting results. In some countries, especially in rural, underserved areas, this structure may pay well enough to make schools and teachers fully funded.

The structure is designed for maximum flexibility for schools to be successful. The limits on earning per teacher also encourage small class size, as the school will maximize earnings when having smaller classes and more teachers, regardless of in-person or online instruction.

4.7.1   Educators   Certified Teachers & Professors

Being a certified teacher or professor means an educator has been screened and has had training in education, as well as instruction in how to teach using the Mastery method with Outstanda.

These people may earn up to 250 Checkoin a week.

Teachers teaching young children (10-19 course code), as well as professors teaching Masters and Ph.D. level courses (80-99 course code) generate 1 / 1 Checkoin based on student generation. This higher payment level is to encourage smaller groups and more close working environments.

All other groups generate .5 Checkoin per 1 generated by students.

In all cases, an instructor should be able to consistently produce the maximum weekly production of Checkoin. Gaps in maximum generation can be rolled forward up to 90 days to allow for time off, health issues, etc.


  • Must provide teaching credentials.
  • Must complete a course on teaching with Outstanda.
  • Must remain in good standing with Outstanda standards.
  • Must not have a criminal background (below).
    • No Sexually Related Offenses
    • No 1st or 2nd Degree Offenses
    • No Drug Manufacturing or Distribution Offenses
    • No Offenses Deemed Endangering Others
  • Must have a positive overall student rating, based on student feedback.   Presenters / Trainers / Coaches / Tutors

Any verified person 18 years of age or older may complete a course on teaching with Outstanda and present Life Enhancement level courses.

They generate .5 Checkoin per 1 Checkoin that their students generate, up to a 250 Checkoin maximum per week. No gaps in a maximum generation will be rolled forward.


  • Person must complete the course they are presenting.
  • Person must complete course on Outstanda usage.
  • Person must remain in good standing with Outstanda standards.
  • Must have positive overall student rating.   Parents & Guardians

Parents and guardians may instruct their children with the Outstanda system and earn the same teacher Checkoin generation, with the same 250 weekly limit. There is no option to roll gaps forward. They may only instruct ages 3 through 18 and no more than 15 students at a time.

  • Parent / Guardians must be verified by a local school or authorized place to earn Checkoin.
  • Parent / Guardians must complete a course about teaching with Outstanda.
  • Parent / Guardians must agree to abide by local laws around education.
  • Parent / Guardians must prepare and teach courses with the same Outstanda standards.
  • Parent / Guardians must be assessed annually by a certified teacher or professor.
  • Parent / Guardians must be designated as the primary teacher. This does not include helping with homework, for example.
  • Students can have different primary teachers for different courses.
  • Parent / Guardians may only generate Checkoin for themselves with grade school courses under 60 level and Life Enhancement courses that are not restricted.   Internship Manager

An Internship Manager oversees the experience and learning of an intern in a controlled, focused, on-the-job learning environment. The Internship Manager is in charge of training and verification of the skills and work. The Internship Manager receives .5 Checkoin per hour the intern works. Internship Managers are subject to the same weekly limit of 250 Checkoin.

Green Internship Designation - If an internship is designated Green, it means it is specifically and purposefully doing work that is Carbon Negative and/or is teaching skills that will have a profound positive impact on the environment. Internship Managers may earn up to 350 Checkoins per week when overseeing Green Internships.


  • Internship Manager must complete a course on Internship management with Outstanda.
  • Internship Manager must obey all labor laws and practices of their region.
  • Internship Manager may not exploit interns.
  • Internship Manager may not deduct Checkoin from what they would pay the intern for work.
  • Hiring organization is responsible to ensure a safe environment, professional behavior, and quality training.
  • Must have a positive overall intern rating as reported by past interns.
  • Must employ without discrimination and/or harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, caste, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, regional, or local laws and global standards.

4.7.2   Schools / Institutions / Venues

Any approved venue where students are supported and assisted to learn qualifies for earning. Beyond schools, this can include gyms, conference centers, corporate training rooms, homes, internships in the workplace, and many other options.

The school or venue generates Checkoin for itself based on what a teacher, presenter, or instructor generates. An additional 25% of what the instruction generates when instruction is via the school or venue is paid to the venue. This can be deposited in one wallet, or it can be set up to divide up the amounts to different parties who are involved in the institution.

For example, a public school could have this paid to support staff, such as tutors, administration, cleaning and maintenance, board members, etc. Or it could be used as a fund for improving the school. Each institution is responsible for distribution and use based on its own priorities and regional applicable laws.   Traditional School

School earns an additional 25% of Checkoin based on Checkoin generated by each instructor (not taken from instructor, minted separately) with students enrolled in the school.   Online School

School earns an additional 25% of Checkoin based on Checkoin generated by each instructor (not taken from instructor, minted separately) with students enrolled in the school.   Micro-School

School earns an additional 25% of Checkoin based on Checkoin generated by each instructor (not taken from instructor, minted separately) with students enrolled in the school.   Homeschool

Supporting school receives 25% of Checkoin based on Checkoin generated by parent/guardian (not taken from instructor, minted separately) for learning that takes place with students studying in the home school. This is paid to the oversight school that provides support, resources, and verification. Homeschools with no support may apply for exemption and receive this Checkoin directly.   College / University / Adult Education

25% based on instructor earning generated by each instructor (not taken from instructor, minted separately) for learning that takes place with students studying in the institution.   Life Enhancement / Training

25% based on the earnings generated by each instructor conducting a session at your location with students present and confirmed by student and instructor. Must register and be approved in advance.   Internships

Organizations that hire an intern through an Outstanda intern program will generate 25% based on the internship manager’s Checkoin generation each week (not taken from manager, minted separately). This Checkoin may be used to help fund internships in the organization.

Organizations providing internships are responsible to uphold high standards of professionalism and a valuable learning environment that is safe and free from harassment or discrimination.   Incarceration / Detention Center

Registered prison and detention centers may act as a traditional school with the same rights and earning abilities, as well as requirements and restrictions.

Students in their custody must approve that they would like to learn while restricted. Special filters are in place where communication is restricted to other people serving in the same institution. Limits on Checkoin usage are also in place for students, which depend on a variety of settings controlled by the administration. This can include restitution, savings for release, and/or usage as currency at location.

4.8   Course Funders via Checkoin Token Certificates | 8% Generated Per 1 Checkoin Earned

People donating to and receiving a Checkoin Token Certificate receive an equal Checkoin payout by certificate. 8% is total, then distributed evenly by certificate holders.

  • Checkoin Token Certificates are NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Buyers can transfer them later, at any time.
  • Once transfered to the blockchain, these assets may be sold.
  • 4.9   Outstanda | 8% Based On Student Earnings

    Outstanda receives a flat 8% Checkoin on all created coins by learners. This funds the overall system and operations, as well as support, certification, developing education in remote areas, and expanding/updating lessons and courses.

    • Verification
    • Course and Lesson Implementation
    • Certifications
    • System Maintenance
    • Technology
    • Support
    • App Development and Enhancement
    • Quality Control
    • Fraud and Cheating Prevention
    • Administration

    5.0   Payout Schedule

    These systems will improve and speed up over time. Any payout will go through an AI filter to check for potential fraud or cheating. Failing this test, it will be audited manually and approved or denied. Accounts may be flagged for a deep audit if there are concerns. There is no guarantee of payment within a certain timeframe if a student result is flagged or under audit.

    5.1   Lesson Payments

    The lesson payment is 1 Checkoin per "lesson hour" which is an estimated time based on the requirements of the lesson. If there are no flags identified, the lesson creates the pre-Checkoin in the Outstanda system within a few minutes, subject to technical capacity.

    5.2   Course Multiplier Payments

    Course multipliers are applied and coin distributed after a verified student shows mastery in a course, requests course completion, and is approved by an authorized instructor. This process also has the same requirements and audit process for fraud and cheating, with the addition of checking instructor credentials.

    Once the instructor verifies, minting the multiplier is scheduled to take place within 24 hours and is subject to technical capacity and any flags that require a manual check.

    All student payouts trigger all related payouts in the same transaction.

    6.0   Fraud and Cheating

    6.1   Fraud Prevention

    This system has been designed to reduce fraud and cheating. Below are several of the bigger reasons.

    6.1.1   No Time Pressure

    There is no time limit to complete courses. Students may retake tests to demonstrate mastery of the topic as often as necessary. There is no reason to feel pressure to cheat.

    6.1.2   Severe Consequences for Students

    The penalties for cheating or fraud are severe. They can include temporary or permanent suspension of earnings as a student, Checkoin Token certificate owner, instructor, or any other way someone can earn Checkoin.

    6.1.3   Severe Consequences for Educators

    Fraud or cheating can result in the suspension of the teaching certification, school status, and work on future projects if someone is so inclined. As Outstanda becomes widely adopted as verified learning, people unable to teach with the system will not be able to teach as a career.

    6.1.4   Restrictions on Groups and Tools

    Outstanda never cuts people off from learning. However, earning while you learn, participating in groups, getting paid to intern, and access to collaborative tools, are restricted when people try to misuse the system.

    6.2   AI and Manual Audits

    Artificial Intelligence will be developed and improved over time to identify patterns that will then be manually investigated and audited before Checkoin earnings can be created.

    6.2.1   Location Benchmarks

    Locations that produce results too quickly will be flagged and investigated.

    6.2.2   New Account Double Verification

    New accounts that may be fraudulent, even if confirmed by a local verification, will be reviewed carefully. Payments will be held until a second form of verification.

    6.2.3   Gifted Student Manual Verification

    Students who perform too well too quickly will be interviewed and might be tagged as gifted, allowing them to move more quickly.

    6.2.4   Randomized Assessments

    Patterns that repeat, such as a group of people choosing the same answers on the same evaluations around the same time, will be reviewed. However, Outstanda uses shuffling and randomization to test the mastery of lessons.

    6.3   Cheating/Fraud by Students

    Every person is a student. Students are encouraged to use resources to learn and master the lessons they are taking. Cheating / Fraud is the act of trying to complete the course without mastering the content, such as only memorizing potential answers to questions.

    This is easy to spot as we track the time with the material, as well as all parts of test-taking. A student that is simply flying through tests without studying material will be evaluated. Gifted students will be identified to allow for faster progress.

    Consequences for Cheating by Students

    6.3.1   Warning

    Warning and lesson on cheating consequences before withdrawing any Checkoin.

    6.3.2   Temporary Earning Suspension

    Burning their earnings until a particular date.

    6.3.3   Permanent Earning Suspension with Appeal

    May request review after a date for possible reinstatement.

    6.3.4   Permanent Earning Suspension with No Appeal

    Flagrant cheating/fraud on scale and intentionally can result in permanent suspension.

    6.3.5   Communication Ban

    Students may be banned from using group communication tools in the system due to cheating, bullying, abusive behavior, spreading misinformation, hate speech, or verbal violence.

    Communication Ban is also a possible penalty for inappropriate discussion topics based on course and age levels. A College course in Psychology might have appropriate discussions that are on topic about sex, violence, racism, etc. Respectful discussions, when directly related to the course topic, are not grounds for a communication ban.

    6.3.6   Identity Fraud

    Students who are not truthful about identity will be permanently banned from earnings in the system. This includes lying about the name, location, age, modifying looks to commit fraud, multiple accounts, or any other account-related dishonesty. No one is ever locked out of learning, but earning is a privilege reserved for the honest. Minors may appeal the ban once they are 18 years of age or 5 years have passed since the ban.

    6.4   Cheating/Fraud by Teachers

    Teachers include anyone involved in helping educate others. This can include Homeschool parents, University Professors, Tutors, Etc.

    6.4.1   Minor Infraction

    Teachers who help a student too much, if an effort to help them pass more quickly, may receive a warning. Multiple warnings could result in a major infraction and loss of earnings as a teacher.

    6.4.2   Major Infraction

    Teachers who take action to help students pass more quickly without regard to mastering the topic will lose earning opportunities for a limited time.

    6.4.3   Teacher Suspension

    Teachers who commit fraud by helping students pass material without mastering the topic, in an effort to enrich themselves and/or the school, will be suspended. Suspensions can be temporary or permanent, depending on the seriousness and number of offenses. This also results in the teacher not earning as a student over the same time period.

    • Suspension for providing answers to questions.
    • Suspension for helping students complete answers during evaluations.
    • Suspension for abusive behavior towards students, such as bullying, pressuring, threatening, or bribing.
    • Suspension for falsifying or not properly verifying the identity of students.
    • Suspension for bribery or intimidation to add pressure for speed of student completion.
    • Suspension for teaching or spreading misinformation or information not aligned with the Outstanda ideals of inclusion, respect, decency, and global cooperation towards improving everyone’s lives.

    6.5   Cheating/Fraud by Support Persons

    Parent / Guardians / Friends / Family and other people who know a minor, for many reasons will want to see their children move quickly and be successful in the Outstanda system.

    It is appropriate to encourage children to study and do well.

    It is appropriate that support people help children study and learn the materials.

    6.5.1   No Evaluation Help

    Supporters may not help students on tests or evaluations. If suspected of aid in testing, students can be required to take all tests at a registered school with supervision.

    6.5.2   Hostile Learning Environment

    Supporters may not put children under undue stress to perform faster. This is especially true if the child is on pace for their age and is doing their work appropriately. Students who are moving at an accelerated pace may be evaluated and need special permission as a gifted student. Otherwise, limits of what a student can earn will be implemented to encourage outside activities.

    6.5.3   Student Account Access

    Supporters may not log in to the system for learning or financial transactions on behalf of the student. If monitoring detects a different person accessing the account, the account will be locked. Parents have their own limited access to student accounts.

    6.5.4   Special Needs / Disability Exception

    Supporters may increase involvement and assist on tests (understanding questions, not choosing the answers) if a student has medically diagnosed learning disabilities. This must be registered and confirmed in the account.

    6.6   Cheating/Fraud by Schools

    Systematic cheating or fraud at a school level is serious. There are no minor offenses because this represents administrators attempting fraud at scale.

    6.6.1   School Earning Suspension

    School earning is immediately suspended until new administrators can conduct an audit and assure Outstanda that the school is operating in good faith again. This will not be an expidited process.

    6.6.2   Teacher Suspension

    Each teacher involved in school fraud will also receive a suspension.

    6.6.3   Student and Parent Notification

    Students and parents in school will be notified, and their earnings temporarily frozen until they a) change schools or b) school meets requirements to lift the suspension. Students will still earn Checkoin, but will be unable to transfer or use it until the school is in good standing or the student registers elsewhere.

    Fraud may be identified at any time. Even showing up as learning gaps years later by students who all attended a particular school.

    6.7  Fraud by Verifiers

    Verifiers are individuals who have been certified to verify credentials and confirm a person within the Outstanda system. Similar to a notary. This important task allows a person to earn Checkoin.

    6.7.1   Errors

    Verifiers who commit errors will have their certification suspended until they complete a refresher course. Repeated errors through unprofessional work will result in loss of certification permanently.

    6.7.2   Fraudulent Records, False Information

    Knowingly verifying people with fraudulent records, false information, duplicate entries, or any account dishonesty results in the permanent loss of verifier certification. If it is deemed that the verifier committed widespread, planned, and intentional fraud, they also lose their earning privilege in the system, which includes their earnings when taking a course. Criminal charges based on local law may apply as well.

    6.8   Cheating/Fraud by Governments

    Governments of all sizes are required to follow the same standards. This can be as small as a city, and as large as a whole nation.

    A Bad Faith Judgment against governmental entity results in schools and teachers not being eligible for earning in the territory until the issues are resolved.

    This portion of the whitepaper is a general guide, and full details for each country will be developed in an operations manual.

    6.8.1   Taxes and Fees

    Governments acknowledge that any taxes or fees are charged to individual students and earners within their borders, and not Outstanda. The currency is created by the student when they complete a course and is created in their wallet. Attempts to charge a fee or tax to Outstanda for Checkoin results in a bad faith judgment.

    6.8.2   Discrimination and Censorship

    Outstanda gives countries the ability to limit some basic access, such as age-appropriate materials, and in very rare instances, limit access to a course for cultural reasons. See section 3.3. Attempts by a government entity to limit education based on other factors, such as but not limited to, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, caste, sexual orientation, language, criminal history, or any other factor that limits any person's ability to learn and become better, will result in a bad faith judgment.

    More governing details will be developed over time to address the complex global structure. The Oustanda goal will always be to improve the education and standards of living for everyone while combating climate change, misinformation, and hostility between nations, faiths, and cultures.

    7.0   Identity Verification Scoring

    Identity verification is critical to success. Checkoin is only paid to verified students. There are many challenges because Outstanda must include people in all these situations.

    • Homeless
    • Illiterate
    • Living in extremely remote areas of the world
    • Refugees
    • Identical siblings
    • Speak very rare languages
    • Lack a mailing address
    • Are citizens of multiple countries
    • Move frequently
    • Suffer from mental illness
    • Live in a repressive country
    • Legally change their name
    • Go into hiding for domestic issues
    • Are in Prison
    • Undocumented immigrants
    • Celebrities who want to hide identity in Outstanda so they may learn like everyone else
    • Legal residents who do not live in location (At sea for a year, temporary work move, etc.)
    • Developmental disabilities without parent or guardian support.
    • Dementia
    • Updating original data that was falsified or incorrect when submitted by a parent at an earlier age.

    The people who need the education system and the added Checkoin the most are those who will be most difficult to verify. Verification will be done by by scoring and includes a variety of ways to add tags that change scoring weights for verification.

    There are 4 classifications of identity confirmation strength.

    • 4 - Strong Verification. Full access and earning rights. Verification only needs to be checked after longer period of time.
    • 3 - Average Verification. Full access and earning rights. Verification needs to be updated more frequently.
    • 2 - Weak Verification. Full access and earning. Restrictions on withdrawal of Checkoin until verification is at least a 3.
    • 1 - Not verified. May audit course materials but not do assessments, use communication tools, or earn Checkoin.

    7.1   National Government Documentation

    These include documents such as passports, national ID cards, voter registration cards, etc. Documents may be submitted or verified by a certified verifier.

    7.2   Regional Government Documentation

    Official regional documents, such as a driver's license, state ID, etc. Documents may be submitted or verified by a certified verifier.

    7.3   Institutional Verification

    Educational institutions will have verifiers who confirm various documents and the validity of the student identity. This might include uploaded documents, or simply confirming that institutional standards of verification have been met.

    7.4   Verifier Confirmation

    Independent verifiers may do online interview, review documents in person, etc. to help establish the identity of someone. This service is not provided by Outstanda. The service provider may charge a fee for the service.

    7.5   Parent / Guardian Registration

    The parent / guardian who is verified and in good standing can verify their children. Registering children before they begin using the system, such as shortly after birth, increases the score of this type of verification.

    7.6   Social Vouching

    Students may request other people to "Vouch" for them. This is a social confirmation process where multiple "Vouch" confirmations can establish verification. The weight of this type of verification will depend on the country, as it is a tool for places where there are less documents available. This score degrades over time and requires new confirmations or improved verification.

    7.7   Photographic / Video Evidence

    As a last resort, uploading images and short videos confirming student identity, location, etc. can be used to verify someone. This score degrades over time and requires new confirmations or improved verification. Ideal for people in a refugee camp, for example.

    7.8   Privacy Considerations

    Outstanda does not share any verification data with outside parties. This data is encrypted and reviewed only during an audit of fraud or by court order. Images of students in documents being uploaded are compared to profile image, and if not automatically matched, they are flagged for manual review. This may delay full encryption, but once verified, the documents are sealed unless investigations are required. Anyone who does not wish to upload documents may have a verifier manually review and confirm.

    8.0   Economic Impact Model

    We continue to solicit input and work privately on the economic model. Initial modeling shows enormous positive impacts on social and economic issues. But the best layed plans often go awry. With that in mind, we will continue to model and think through geo-political, socio-economic, environmental, and cultural issues to build the most accurate model. An initial model will be published here when fully developed and vetted by experts.

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